Uspire eLearning - Presenting with Impact (5 modules + coaching)

14 October, 2021 - 7 January, 2023 12:19 pm

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What is Presenting with Impact?

Do your briefings lack bite and your presentations lack punch? Or does presenting scare you...send shivers down your spine and turn your stomach? Maybe it's something you feel you just can't do, but really want to be able to.

At Uspire we believe anyone can be a confident, competent and impactful presenter. They just need the right training.

Presenting with Impact is a new e-learning program from Uspire that delivers practical and easily digestible presentation training in a thoroughly engaging modular course.

The full program is 11 modules, but you can get a condensed version of the training with this 5 module program. In addition to the 5 modules you also get a 1-hour 1-2-1 coaching session with Mark to consolidate your learnings

Presenting with Impact is delivered by Uspire's Mark Francis who has trained presentation skills within organisations such as Europe's largest bank, the United Nations and Danone.

  • 5 on-demand modules to significantly boost your presentation impact
  • flexible learning - complete course at your own speed
  • course available on Uspire's e-learning platform
  • downloadable certificate on completion
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 coaching session with course leader
Who is it for?
  • Managers & Executives  - deliver your message with gravitas and fully engage your team
  • Learning & Development teams - give your people the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best presenters they can be
  • Business Owners - lead your business with confidence and elevate your presence
  • Entrepreneurs - pitch your ideas with style and competence
  • Commercial team - present to your clients and prospects with renewed conviction
About Mark Francis

Mark is a founding partner of the Uspire Group and is our Director of Organisational Learning. An FMCG salesman with 27 years of commercial experience, his final corporate role was VP Global HR for JT International.

Mark leads the Commercial Academies for Uspire’s core clients, and delivers an ROI mean of 7 to 1. He invented the brand ‘Leader as Educator’ and has run programmes on this topic since 1998 in business and in sport. Last year, he designed and delivered ‘Leader as Educator’ for 18 Cardiothoracic surgeons and now coaches in leading heart centres.

For the past 12 years he has run 2 training businesses and coached sales teams in 42 countries for 24 businesses across 9 industries; he brings relentless enthusiasm to design and delivery.


Module 1 - Storytelling
Great presentations have a lot in common with great storytelling. We look at how to use storytelling in presentations, with the hero's Journey and the Power of 3.

Module 2 - Story Structure
Theme and outcome. What is the Theme of your presentation, what is your desired Outcome, and how do you use these concepts in presenting?

Module 3 - Start Great
We all know a great presentation needs a great start! This module focuses on the why's and how's of hooking your audience from the start.

Module 4 - Body Language
How much of your presentation is in your body language, and how can you make sure your message is the right one?

Module 5 - Online Impact
What you need to do to make your online presence as powerful as in person.

How the course works
  • The course has been designed as one module per week - that's about half an hour of learning time. You can go slower or faster, but time should be taken to practice the skills you are picking up along the way.
  • Keep an eye out for downloadable course materials, quizzes, and exercises designed to complement the course videos and reinforce your learning.
  • Take notes! We each have different presenting styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Different people will take different pointers from the course, so take notes to come back to the elements that work for you.

Each Module has three sections, including an assignment to complete before the next module. Take care to finish all exercises and videos in a section before moving on.

Previous delegates

"we love this programme, it helps us grow and is mandatory for staff at all levels"

Michelle Brampton
Treasury Wine

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Presenting with Impact - 5 modules & coaching £ 595
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