The Three D's of Personal Branding

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1) Determination

Who are you? What is your current brand? Think back to ten years before and contemplate how you might have changed.

What’s improved? Some things may have got worse?

Simon Sinek talks about the ‘golden circle’ consider yourself using the same approach.

2) Dedication

Once you understand your brand, it’s about defining whether it will consistently deliver against your expectation and future ambitions. How do you increase your visibility and the awareness of your capabilities?

70% of people say they don’t like networking and try and avoid the process.  However, 80% of professionals consider networking to be a critical part of success.

What are the reasons people avoid this essential skill:-

  • Feel like you are asking a favour
  • Fear of rejection
  • Ignorance of its importance
  • Prefer to do it with others
  • Who wants to hear about me?
  • Give too much information away
  • Failure to find an effective process
  • Look for instant success
  • Remember its often a long process needing tenacity and resilience


3) Delivery

Nothing ever changes unless you can mobilise yourself into delivery.  Some of the best ideas remain undiscovered in the commercial world because nobody made them happen.

When it comes to your personal brand start with description from 10 years ago, then look at the differences today.  Now consider how it might have to evolve to achieve your goals for the next 5 years.  Describe the froms and to’s.  Next step look at your 10 year objective, what will need to change to achieve this target and again detail the froms and to’s.

So now with this outline vision follow a technique or process to make the change happen.

One of my favourite and simplistic methods is as follows:-

  • Start or end every week with a period of reflection and a mindset to focus on what needs to happen over the next seven days
  • Build out a list of small personal development steps and goals that are manageable with the framework of your other objectives.
  • Prioritise on a daily basis (but don’t just put things off) learn to understand how your energy and motivation can change during the day and over the week. This will help you to schedule your tasks more effectively.
  • Never lose sight of these goals and don’t allow the unimportant to distract you. Without this discipline your personal development objectives will drift and never get achieved.
  • Reward yourself and celebrate success however small it helps the brain to associate a benefit with an achievement.

What are the brand characteristics of people who get things done?

  • Understand balance of urgency and importance
  • Create opportunities
  • Bounce-back ability
  • Confidence in their ability
  • Adaptable – they can be hands in, on or off
  • Predictable and consistent in their approach to people
  • Never stop thinking about their goals and ambitions
  • Visionary and full of ideas
  • Numerate and mentally agile
  • Realistic with their own productivity
  • Never hindered by self limiting beliefs
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