Malcolm Smith: Promises – Personal accountability and delegation (Preview)

Why do Directors’ answer so many questions? Because they “know”? Because it’s quicker? Because it’s egotistical? Maybe all … but the ramifications can be enormous.

This original keynote speaker session from Malcolm Smith was created specifically for Uspire Network members, to help improve personal effectiveness by provoking thinking and challenging ways of working.

The session explores accountability and delegation, under the main title of “Promises”.

One contention is that Directors answer too many questions – why? – because they “know” the answer/because it’s quicker/because it’s egotistical - but the ramifications can be enormous.

Another contention is that employees are motivated by leadership, not management – it’s in our DNA to want autonomy/independence/control so why is that ok for us as leaders, but not for them?

Malcolm explores the question “if I let go, how do I make sure what needs to happen happens’ and, worse, what will I do if I give all my work away?” … and then uncovers what he likes to ask all leaders and executives – Why isn’t your desk empty?

This content is exclusively for Network members. To watch the fascinating first 10 mins complete the form.

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