Sacla Case Study

“Accelerating the performance of a compact sales team through a dynamic sales-skills programme”
Seventy years ago the Ercole family from Piedmont started sharing their authentic Italian food. The magic of their pesto and other fine sauces is now available across Europe and beyond. To further penetrate the UK market, the UK business turned to Uspire to create a leading-edge sales skills academy.
Situation Brief
Task given to Uspire
Action Taken

Sacla’ had a small commercial team with the task of managing the UK’s major Retailers. The Sacla UK MD requested a leading-edge programme to hone the skills and impact of the sales team.

Establish a consistent and sustainable SACLA’ way of selling with key tools and templates to be common across the business.

  • Presented a suggested approach to the Head of Sales
  • Refined the approach to incorporate existing SACLA’ best practice
  • Launched the approach to the team and invited their additions and enhancements
  • Used the new templates to create customer plans for the forthcoming 12 months
  • Sold the insight-based plans to key customers
  • Reviewed progress and set targets for next phase of learning

Achieved the target of establishing one way of customer management. The next wave of development is around quality of strategic customer selling.

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