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At Uspire giving back gives us the energy to move forward, happy that we’re doing our part to upskill and support those who’ve not necessarily had the good fortune of education or the support of family and friends to kick start their careers. The inspiration fuelling our programmes comes from Ben Grout our Head of Community. As a client he was excited by what he was experiencing with, and learning from, Uspire and was convinced that our work could have a positive impact in the wider community.

We combined forces with Ben and his team at HSBC to reach out to the communities in and around their Canary Wharf offices, taking our training and leaderships skills to those struggling to get their first jobs and launch their careers.

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone but particularly for disadvantaged communities. We want to continue to help give people the structure, practice, insight and leadership skills they need to secure jobs and move on in their careers.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an initiative you’d like us to consider.
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