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Uspire Discover ... the power of agility & leading change

Learn how to adapt your leadership style quickly and with confidence

How agile is your leadership style?

Can you adapt quickly and with confidence, drawing on your people to facilitate smart decisions?

The Uspire Agility Code enables smarter, faster,kinder leadership. In October '22 we provoked a room of senior leaders, and their emerging talent, to adopt the Agility Code and release their entrepreneurial spirit. We challenged them to capture the latent abilities of their people to work with speed and agility, take risks and think way outside the box. The results were fascinating and captivating.

Created to help leaders navigate the #VUCA fog(volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), the Agility Code empowers the emerging talent in organisations and gives them, and their leaders, the licence to leverage their contribution. 

During this Uspire Discover session ChesterRobinson revisits the Agility Code, probing stories of leaders who embrace the Code and demonstrate agile leadership. 

About Chester Robinson

Discover the power of agility & leading change is delivered by Chester Robinson, Uspire's Director of Consulting. With clients across Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Chester helps leaders all over the world connect with their teams.

Guest Speakers

Sam Cowan - RADF Fighter Pilot

Rachel Middlewick - Transformation Leader

What you get

  • discover the benefits of leadership agility
  • explore the related behaviours of agile leadership
  • develop your own action plan to become more agile
  • hear stories of how other leaders have embraced agility in their leadership style

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