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Transformative Webinars

Uspire Discover ... the power of agility & leading change

Learn how to adapt your leadership style quickly and with confidence

How agile is your leadership style? Can you adapt quickly and with confidence, drawing on your people to facilitate smart decisions? The Uspire Agility Code enables smarter, faster,kinder leadership. In October '22 we provoked a room of senior […]

Uspire Discover...the power of resilient leadership

Learn how to master stress and positively adapt to change in the workplace

Are you mastering stress in the workplace? Can you positively adapt to change? Can you proactively prepare for future changes?This is our definition of a resilient leader, and Bep Dhaliwal joins Amanda Downs to consider how a leader […]

Uspire to future-proof your business with AI

Explore AI opportunities with Alex Haitoglou from Ovida

Do you need to explore the opportunities for AI within your business? We all know of AI and probably have some first-hand experience of using it. But can you truly summarise what the landscape looks like and why […]

The power of Colourful Leadership - delivered by Amanda Downs

Identify your style, strengths and leadership value

Do you want to maximise your leadership potential? Discover Colourful Leadership with Amanda Downs and start leading with authenticity, inspiring your team and creating a culture of success! Embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery as Uspire harness […]

The Power of Champion-led Change - delivered by Mark Francis

Drive dramatic change in your organisation

How can you make a new initiative resonate in every function and in every country? The answer is to make the change you desire Champion-owned from the beginning, and Champion-enhanced thereafter. Typical training initiatives may simply rely on […]

Powerful presenting - delivered by Mark Francis

Are you ready to revolutionise your presenting impact?

Have you noticed how captivating presenters are like magnetic superstars, effortlessly commanding attention and exuding an irresistible gravitas? They've got the power to hypnotise a crowd, in-person or on-screen, with their sixth sense to guage reactions and read […]

The power of personal branding - delivered by Chester Robinson

Impact intended, impact felt

Successful commercial leaders have invested time and energy curating who they are, what they stand for, AND how they stand out from the competition. Ask youself: ...this webinar can help. About Chester Chester is Uspire's Director of Consulting […]

The power of new world negotiation - delivered by Jonathan Brough

Prepare for new world negotiation with Uspire's 8 "Critical Elements for Success"

As organisations face numerous headwinds and contend with #VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) business conditions, this webinar, delivered by Jonathan Brough, will help you prepare for this "new world" with Uspire's critical "Elements for Success" This webinar will […]

The power of the Dolphin Trainer - delivered by Mark Francis

Use Leader as Educator to drive dramatic change

Training leaders to be educators is central to what we do. We call these people Dolphin Trainers - people who connect on a genuine and personal level before anything else. People who listen with curiosity rather than listen […]

The power of inclusive leadership - delivered by Amanda Downs

Drive the inclusion agenda in your organisation

As a commercial leader, what are you doing to educate yourself to think inclusively? Apart from the moral imperative, why should customer-facing leaders be shaping the conversation? Amanda speaks with TEDx speaker and DE&I expert Jackie Handy, Nicola […]

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