Uspire to future-proof your business with AI

Explore AI opportunities with Alex Haitoglou from Ovida

Do you need to explore the opportunities for AI within your business?

We all know of AI and probably have some first-hand experience of using it. But can you truly summarise what the landscape looks like and why we are in a unique time?

This webinar will give you that knowledge.

You’ll also get an understanding of how it affects businesses across a variety of sectors, with real examples of success. And you’ll learn how to apply it to your own situation.

We discuss the “elephant in the room” - what is the impact for people? Which skills will - or won’t - be required in the future?

We also define what is uniquely human, and understand how AI can help us become better at enhancing delivery of these aspects. 

About Alex Haitoglou

“Future-proof your business with AI” is delivered by Alex Haitoglou, Co-Founder of Ovida, the provider of AI-powered innovation for business and personal growth. Alex has built and led teams and organisations that developed and sold consumer and tech products to global markets and drives Ovida’s vision and strategy.

What You Get

  • discover the extent of the AI landscape 
  • learn how AI is being used in different sectors
  • hear about real-life business uses of AI
  • debate the AI people-impact
  • uncover how to apply AI to your own business

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