The power of Colourful Leadership - delivered by Amanda Downs

Identify your style, strengths and leadership value

Do you want to maximise your leadership potential?

Discover Colourful Leadership with Amanda Downs and start leading with authenticity, inspiring your team and creating a culture of success!

Embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery as Uspire harness the groundbreaking theories of Carl Jung.

This session is a vibrant explanation of your unique style, using 4 colour descriptors to identify your style, your strengths and your leadership value.

Colour Profiling expert Amanda Downs unveils a simple yet powerful method that will ignite your self-awareness and help you score your preference across all 4 colour energies.

About Amanda

Uspire Discover...colourful leadership is delivered by Amanda Downs, Uspire's Director of Commercial Leadership. Amanda is our commercial training and coaching expert, and has worked extensively in Europe, EMEA, the US, andAsia. She is an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner and also leads our commercial leadership proposition

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