The Power of Champion-led Change - delivered by Mark Francis

Drive dramatic change in your organisation

How can you make a new initiative resonate in every function and in every country?

The answer is to make the change you desire Champion-owned from the beginning, and Champion-enhanced thereafter.

Typical training initiatives may simply rely on cascading information through an organisation and hoping it lands. Champions ensure it lands.

The concept of Champions is a simple one.

Choose a group of influencers within your organisation, across all levels. Ask them to create what better looks like - better in terms of process, better in terms of environment and better in terms of skills.

When influencers are engaged in assessing the now and designing the next, you establish a natural energy for change.

Marks is Uspire's champion of Champions in this webinar he explains the concept, outlines the process and evangelises the results from countless Champions he has inspired and led over the years.

Mark is founding partner and Director of Organisational Learning at The Uspire Group. An FMCG salesperson with over 30 years of commercial experience, Mark has coached sales teams in 42 countries for 24 businesses across 9 industries; he brings relentless enthusiasm to design and delivery.

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