Powerful presenting - delivered by Mark Francis

Are you ready to revolutionise your presenting impact?

Have you noticed how captivating presenters are like magnetic superstars, effortlessly commanding attention and exuding an irresistible gravitas?

They've got the power to hypnotise a crowd, in-person or on-screen, with their sixth sense to guage reactions and read a room, landing their message like a pro.

At Uspire we firmly believe that you can grasp that mojo and display that gravitas, and this webinar will unlock your potential and skyrocket your presentation game to legendary levels.

Your key takeaways:

  • propel your gravitas and unleash head-turning impact
  • 3 game-changing behaviour tweaks that will redefine how you show up
  • tap into the collective wisdom of like-minded senior leaders

About Mark

Mark is founding partner and Director of Organisational Learning at The Uspire Group. An FMCG salesperson with over 30 years of commercial experience, Mark has coached sales teams in 42 countries for 24 businesses across 9 industries; he brings relentless enthusiasm to design and delivery.

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