Uspire Discover...the power of resilient leadership

Learn how to master stress and positively adapt to change in the workplace

Are you mastering stress in the workplace? Can you positively adapt to change? Can you proactively prepare for future changes?
This is our definition of a resilient leader, and Bep Dhaliwal joins Amanda Downs to consider how a leader manages the interplay of their “toolkit” of strategies, demands and pressures when responding with resilience.

They consider how leaders can live proactive, resilient lives; making a courageous commitment to themselves and to address what’s standing in their way.

Hear real-life stories of resilience in action and learn how committed organisations are building resilient-aware cultures, encouraging the habits of resilient people who:

  • take time to know themselves;
  • know their strength & weaknesses and ask for support;
  • recognise stress triggers and prioritise wellbeing;
  • are resourceful through change, uncertainty and even crisis

About Bep Dhaliwal

Uspire Discover...the power of resilient leadership is lead by Bep Dhaliwal in discussion with Amanda Downs. Bep is a passionate, empathic Coach/Facilitator focussed on helping leaders thrive, on their own terms. She is a qualified Co-active Coach, an NLP practitioner and an accredited Resilience at Work coach. 

What you get

  • learn about the qualities of resilient leaders
  • discover the Resilience at Work toolkit for measuring individual or team resilience
  • takeaway an actionable framework for developing your own resilience
  • hear stories of how other leaders have adopted a resilient outlook 

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