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Uspire Discover...the power of agile leadership - delivered by Mark Francis

Make smarter, faster, kinder decisions
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Uspire Discover...the power of inclusive commercial leadership - delivered by Amanda Downs

Drive the inclusion agenda in your organisation
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Uspire Discover...the power of the Dolphin Trainer - delivered by Mark Francis

Use Leader as Educator to drive dramatic change
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Uspire Discover...the power of new world negotiation - delivered by Jonathan Brough

Prepare for new world negotiation with Uspire's 8 "Critical Elements for Success"
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Uspire Discover...the power of personal branding - delivered by Chester Robinson

Impact intended, impact felt
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How to lead virtual sales

76% of sales teams are uncomfortable selling virtually, that’s why it’s essential for sales leaders to lead virtual selling
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Leadership Thinking

What, how & why bother?

14 July 2021
Inspiring & motivating your hybrid sales team.By Amanda Downs, Uspire Director of Commercial Leadership "How has Covid changed your leadership priorities?" It’s been the starter question for most of our client conversations this year.The answer is that it […]
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Uspire Discover...the power of personal branding

5 July 2021
Chester Robinson, Uspire's Director of Consulting and host of Uspire Discover... the power of personal branding, chats with Ivan Hollingsworth about the development of his personal brand. Ivan's story is quite remarkable and is testament to the focus and […]
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Children marched to help us discover the VALUE of Diversity and Inclusion

9 February 2021
The topic of diversity and inclusion is a challenging subject in itself but what is most alarming about this issue when you look back at its chequered history and ask yourself this simple question.  Why does it take […]
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Energising Speakers

Carole Gaskell

An inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Carole specialises in transforming businesses and leaders.



Jeff Grout

Formerly Business Manager to Sir Clive Woodward from 2002 -2006, Jeff is now an independent business consultant, speaker and coach specialising in leadership, people management, team building, peak performance, recruitment and retention issues.

Mark Fritz

An international specialist on leadership Mark acts as a speaker, mentor, coach and professor. He has spoken on leadership and the power of ownership in over 50 countries throughout the world.

Kate Turner

One of the UK's leading experts in motivation, Kate specialises in helping businesses deliver on purpose, productivity and profit by increasing the employee experience of work.

Emma Stroud

Emma has an eclectic work background which encompasses her various passions. She helps talented people enhance the "how" they will deliver their "what".

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Marcus Child

Marcus has an impressive reputation for helping thousands of members of hundreds of organisations embrace change positively and successfully. In thoroughly uplifting conversations with his audiences his work stirs resourcefulness in individuals.

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Malcolm Smith

Malcolm has always believed in the power of people above systems, and that true leadership is about developing business environments that create wealth.

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Lynne Leahy

Lynne has over 25 years experience of award-winning business coaching, helping people develop themselves as leaders or as effective team members.

Floyd Woodrow

Floyd has an international reputation for designing and running leadership and elite performance training in sports, business, government and education.

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Amanda Downs

Amanda has designed and delivered global capability programmes in commercial strategy, category management, business planning, business development, negotiation, presentation skills, commercial line management and train the trainer.

Mark Francis

Mark leads the Commercial Academies for Uspire’s core clients, with an ROI mean of 7 to 1.

Mark invented the brand ‘Leader as Educator’ and has run programmes on this topic since 1998 in business and in sport. Last year, he designed and delivered ‘Leader as Educator’ for 18 Cardiothoracic surgeons and now coaches in leading heart centres.

Jonathan Brough

Jonathan brings his experience to his work with commercial teams, helping them to understand negotiation thinking and behaviour. This is then harnessed into robust negotiation plans. 10 years experience working on Grocery and Wholesaler account negotiations across the UK & Ireland.

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Keynote Speaker Sessions

Helen Morris Brown: The Art of Effective Communication

Effective Communication in an Agile Organisation
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Floyd Woodrow: Compass for Life - Session 1

Compass for Life: Super North Star and Strategist
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Floyd Woodrow: Compass for Life - Session 2

Compass for Life: Ethos/values and Warrior spirit
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Marcus Child: Unleash your potential (Preview)

Leading for resilience, resourcefulness and results. The 5 leader superpowers.
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Malcolm Smith: Promises – Personal accountability and delegation (Preview)

Why do Directors’ answer so many questions? Because they “know”? Because it’s quicker? Because it’s egotistical? Maybe all … but the ramifications can be enormous.
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Emma Stroud: Improvisation for leaders (Preview)

Anchor yourself in a confident, positive , unlimited mindset and succeed via innovation and improvisation.
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