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Leading significant change in 2021

14 December 2020
"When you change your thoughts, remember to change your world" How to Operationalise Your Growth Strategy in 2021 & Beyond “When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world”. These are the words of Norman Vincent Peale, in his […]
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Avoid the isolation of remote working with your EQ credo and lessons from Defoe and Mr Wilson

14 December 2020
During the next few months, we will be focussing on increasing your self-awareness as a leader. We began with an excellent network session on leading with emotional intelligence (EQ) rather than intellect (IQ).  This provocation helped us to understand the […]
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Creativity and Innovation and the Search for your "Intrapreneurs"

26 October 2020
It’s time to reflect again on these unusual times we find ourselves in and our ability to either sustain gains or recover from losses resulting from the pandemic. I read an interesting article from McKinsey recently which talks about unlocking […]
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