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The power of new world negotiation - delivered by Jonathan Brough

Prepare for new world negotiation with Uspire's 8 "Critical Elements for Success"
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The power of inclusive leadership - delivered by Amanda Downs

Drive the inclusion agenda in your organisation
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How to lead virtual sales

76% of sales teams are uncomfortable selling virtually, that’s why it’s essential for sales leaders to lead virtual selling
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How to lead a remote team

Only 17% of workers want a full-time return to the office after lockdown restrictions are eased.
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How to manage stress as a leader

11 million workdays per year are lost due to stress, but this can be managed.
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Uspire Discover...the power of your motivation

Learn how to increase and sustain high levels of motivation
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Leadership Thinking

The power of positive re-thinking

11 September 2023
By Mark Francis - Uspire's Director of Organisational Learning When 16 teams have a bigger budget than us, what chance do we have to compete? It’s a logical perspective of course; it’s self-limiting too. When a team in […]
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Uspire Discover...the power of personal branding

21 August 2023
Chester Robinson, Uspire's Director of Consulting and host of Uspire Discover... the power of living your personal branding on 21st September 2023, chats with Ivan Hollingsworth about the development of his personal brand. Ivan's story is quite remarkable and […]
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What, how & why bother?

14 July 2021
Inspiring & motivating your hybrid sales team.By Amanda Downs, Uspire Director of Commercial Leadership "How has Covid changed your leadership priorities?" It’s been the starter question for most of our client conversations this year.The answer is that it […]
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Keynote Speaker Sessions

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