The power of the Dolphin Trainer - delivered by Mark Francis

Use Leader as Educator to drive dramatic change

Training leaders to be educators is central to what we do.

We call these people Dolphin Trainers - people who connect on a genuine and personal level before anything else.

People who listen with curiosity rather than listen to reply; people who dedicate time to get to know the other person before trying to influence them; people who care ... and we believe we need more of them.

Mark welcomes to the webinar a number of Dolphin Trainers that he has coached, exploring how they have benefited from embracing a leader as educator attitude.

Your key takeaways:

  • learn how leading as an educator will transform the development of your team and create Champion-led change
  • understand the role of Champion-led change
  • hear real life Champion stories and how their Dolphin Trainers started them on their journey

About Mark

Mark Francis is a Dolphin Trainer. He listens intently, he probes only when necessary and he does this with good humour and an indefatigable positivity. As the creator of "Leader as Educator" Mark is the perfect choice to deliver this Uspire Discover session

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