The power of new world negotiation - delivered by Jonathan Brough

Prepare for new world negotiation with Uspire's 8 "Critical Elements for Success"

As organisations face numerous headwinds and contend with #VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) business conditions, this webinar, delivered by Jonathan Brough, will help you prepare for this "new world" with Uspire's critical "Elements for Success"

This webinar will help you if:

  • you and your team are facing increasing supplier demand for cost increases due to energy, materials, labour, freight, and supply chain uncertainty
  • your cost of production has increased dramatically, requiring you to protect your margins with new pricing
  • you are increasingly uncertain what the mid-term future could look like for your business
  • your team need to adapt to a tsunami of negotiation challenges and are looking for the right levers to pull to mitigate these challenges

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a founding partner of Uspire and has worked in international procurement in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia for more than 30 years. As Uspire's lead consultant for developing negotiation capability, Jonathan tackles these challenges and explains how by using Uspire's 8 "Critical Elements for Success" you can become successful in new world negotiation.

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