Uspire Discover...the power of personal branding

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Chester Robinson, Uspire's Director of Consulting and host of Uspire Discover... the power of personal branding, chats with Ivan Hollingsworth about the development of his personal brand.

Ivan Hollingsworth

Ivan's story is quite remarkable and is testament to the focus and driven nature of a man who was inspired by personal circumstance to embark on a hugely rewarding journey.

Ivan will be Chester's guest on 8th July 2021 to discuss the impact personal branding can have on a leader's team and on a person's self-awareness.

The virtual interactive seminar is free to attend and Ivan joins a diverse selection of leaders to discuss the fascinating subject of personal branding.

Chester and Ivan will be joined by

  • Ben Shephard, Presenter, Good Morning Britain
  • Charlie Whalley, Executive Coach
  • Shaun Smith, Sales Director, Nomad Foods

Join us on 8th July and uncover this fascinating subject.

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