How to lead virtual sales

76% of sales teams are uncomfortable selling virtually, that’s why it’s essential for sales leaders to lead virtual selling

Are your sales team empowered to sell virtually? Have they the required skills to capture and convert customers via Zoom and other virtual platforms? This fascinating seminar from the Uspire team and led by Mark Francis will help you answer these questions and prepare your team to sell virtually.

Virtual selling demands a new approach that pivots traditional selling skills to a new environment which is unfamiliar, informal and somewhat artificial. Virtual platforms do not lend themselves to a natural selling space, the unnerving mix of technology, unexpected trapdoors and amplified senses can unnerve even the most experienced sales professionals. And because we know that 76% of sales people are not enjoying virtual selling it is vital that leaders understand how to transform online behaviour and lead their teams to effective selling.

Being a great virtual seller needs attention. It needs an owner [you, the leader] and it needs a new way of thinking and approaching the sell. The Uspire S.H.A.R.E.model is key to creating great virtual sales professionals. Download this recorded seminar to unlock the S.H.A.R.E. model and the secrets to leading virtual sales.

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