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Uspire Discover...the power of strategic storytelling

Unleash your storytelling skills

Have you recently changed your vision and strategy? Most organisations have.

But do you know that the main reason a strategy fails is that the rest of the business simply doesn't get it.

Strategy should power through your business, bursting through to your customers with energy and inspiration.

Strategic Storytelling is the art of cascading your business message through to your teams at all levels, using the age-old power of the story.

Ask yourself:

  • How important is it that everyone in your organisation knows your strategy?
  • Do they actually get it and know their role in it?
  • Do your customers also get it, and see the value it brings?

Watch Amanda Downs lead this fascinating seminar and understand how the power of strategic storytelling will help you answer these questions.

About Amanda

Amanda is Uspire's Director of Commercial Leadership, and she facilitates leadership teams to make sure their plans wow their customers. Amanda leads the Uspire commercial leadership proposition and she uses a highly practical mix of processes and skills for leading-edge commercial influence.

Amanda Downs

Your key takeaways:

  • understand the power of storytelling in business
  • unleash your storytelling skills
  • learn the 3 main types of business story
  • reflect on how storytelling could help deliver your strategy

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