Uspire Discover...the power of your motivation

Learn how to increase and sustain high levels of motivation

Are you or your team flagging?

Have you started to question what you want from your work?

The past 20 months has accelerated a trend for people to "dig deep" and "push through" if they want to achieve their targets and deadlines.

As a result more people are burning out and falling out of love with their jobs. And this is happening at the exact time we need people to fully show up, step into their leadership roles and deliver with impact.

To be successful it is clear that people not only need to hone their skills (and those in their team), but also harness their will - their motivation.

Watch Kate Turner, best-selling author of CREATE Motivation: Unlock the leader within, and understand how you can harness your motivation so you can succeed with greater ease.

About Kate

Kate shares her methodology to identify, nurture and optimise motivation. She share's practical, real-life examples of people who have been able to tap into what truly drives them and their team and so deliver more sustainable levels of performance.

Your key takeaways:

  • understand how your current motivation level impacts on your success
  • learn how to increase and sustain high levels of motivation - in a way which feels authentic rather than "rah-rah"
  • learn how to use this motivation to fuel your performance whilst also increasing your sense of well-being.

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