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Mark Anthony Case Study

A best-in-class Sales Academy to create one powerful way of customer engagement
With a track record of building prestigious brands and new categories, Mark Anthony is one of North America`s most diversified and successful beverage companies.
Situation Brief
Task given to Uspire
Action Taken

Mark Anthony’s desire is to be recognised as much for World-Class sales capability as for building brands.

Create a best-in-class Sales Academy to create one powerful way of customer engagement across the business.

There are 3 secrets to building a World Class Sales Academy and Uspire is helping the Mark Anthony Group apply them at an impressive rate.

  1. Active sponsorship from the top (Scott Walton, Company President is on the Steering Committee and attended the first training as a delegate)
  2. Careful selection of Champions who are co-designing a bespoke and comprehensive commercial Academy (The Champion group covers all three divisions and ranges from Sales Director Lindsay Rolfe to Bacchus Field Sales Manager Patrick Bennett)
  3. One internal owner for quality assurance (Lisa Snider, Director of People Operations dedicates time to this project on a daily basis)

Heather Ray is Chief People Officer for Mark Anthony: `it`s great to reflect on how much growth we have seen in our Academy Champions since the launch in May 2021. They have developed a strong skill set as learning facilitators both online and face-to-face. This reflects talent development at it`s best.

The Mark Anthony Sales Academy is being introduced to all customer facing staff to ensure one consistent language and standard across the business, designed for them by them.

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