Wrigley Case Study

“Reinvigorating revenue streams through a redefined change management programme”
Uspire were tasked with a turnaround project for a change management programme that had unfortunately lost its direction within Wrigley UK, the 3rd most important market for the global leader in Gum, Mints & Sugar Confectionary.
Situation Brief
Problem – Month 1
Solution – month 2 - 6
Results by month 12

Wrigley is a global leader in Gum, Mints & Sugar Confectionary. The UK is Wrigley’s 3rd most important market and is tasked with implementing centralised thought leadership programmes. Perfect Store is a ‘Cornerstone’ growth initiative designed to unlock profitable future growth by step changing Physical Availability in the pursuit of higher conversion and execution excellence.

  1. Centralised Change Initiatives need local leadership sponsorship
  2. Project Management principles of clear Governance and Communication can transform the delivery of Change
  3. Support high potential resource if you’re promoting it to run a project
  4. External SMEs provide confidence, belief and the context of the bigger picture

The Perfect Store programme is a fundamental driver of future sales growth. The change management project had slipped 4 months off track, lost its direction, lost the confidence of the wider Commercial Leadership team and had left a revenue hole in the year end projected numbers. We needed support to rapidly turn this project around, re-instil belief in its capability to deliver tangible numbers to the P&L.
Oliver Morton, UK Sales Director

The Uspire team rapidly assessed the UK team’s key issues, made recommendations to get project back on-track & created a new, larger company wide picture of success to re-engaged stakeholders/ programme sponsors. They established clear project governance, outlined a key meeting schedules and had us agreed to a clear decision making processes.
They provided a fully costed a ‘Quick Wins’ & ‘Test’ plan to drive both short & long term revenue. Using subject matter expertise they worked alongside our UK team until it was clear the programme was sustainable.
Tom Jarratt, Global Perfect Store Director

The Uspire team linked the Perfect Store programme back into our strategic goals & five year roadmap. They highlighted the cross functional responsibilities of the project and drew in the wider Marketing & Production functions so that we now have a pipeline of change initiatives designed to deliver long term Customer Centric plans.
Our Test results have yielded huge revenue upsides if correctly implemented across our routes to market.
Andrew Haire, UK Transformation lead

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