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Danone Case Study

“Improving sales skill development with a fit-for-purpose and culturally relevant sales academy”
Danone are a world leader in four businesses: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Medical Nutrition and Waters. Uspire were tasked by Danone Waters UK to construct a full sales academy for all sales staff.
Situation Brief
Task given to Uspire
Action Taken

Danone Waters UK approached Uspire to construct a full Sales Academy for all sales staff, with the brief  ‘it must be fit-for-purpose and culturally relevant for Danone.’

Set up, maintain and constantly enhance our sales skill development approach.

  1. We started with leaders and ran a wonderfully creative experience called ‘Edge’
  2. We established Advanced category selling to clarify the sales person’s role as distinct from Danone’s independent Category team
  3. We have guided all Customer Managers to create insight-based plans
  4. Our Advanced negotiation clinics make sure skills and rigorous planning is applied to real customer challenges
  5. We run the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ as an emotional and intellectual assault course

‘Edge’ enabled the key leaders to re-define and re-launch the Volvic brand Danone’s rating in the Advantage Group survey rose 14 places in the first two years of the Uspire academy. The UK sales team won the ‘Best in class’ award from Danone.

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