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DFDS Case Study

“Enhancing KAM performance through a leading-edge learning programme”
DFDS Seaways is a large, successful Danish shipping company operating passenger and freight services across Northern Europe. Upsire were tasked by DFDS to enhance the capabilities of their Oslo-based Key Account Managers.
Situation Brief
Task given to Uspire
Action Taken

The Norwegian business approached Uspire in search of a leading edge learning programme for their Oslo-based Key Account Managers.

Create a purpose-built Customer Management methodology and train this to the sales team in order to generate stronger results quickly and sustainably.

  1. We designed a 5-step process to ensure that all customer interactions are insight-based (V.I.N.N.E)
  2. We launched the new process and, after 2 months, introduced a set of sales competencies.
  3. We set stretching sales targets for the big corporate customers

The sales return from the biggest corporate customers have increased significantly already.

We are very pleased to see new behaviours adopted so quickly and I can see the positive results already. The biggest change I have seen is greater planning and from this a more customer thought-through sell.
Jan Frimann, Head of Sales

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