The power of Champion-led change

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Eight years after Goose became a New York team Champion, his educational videos are still making a global impact, reaching new hires in Hong Kong.

In the left image, Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking Champions are preparing to onboard a fresh wave of recruits using materials originally designed by the pioneering Champions back in 2015 (seen in the right photo).


In this business, new Champions receive training from existing Champions and share a common approach to managing the customer experience.

How do you ensure a new approach resonates across all functions and countries?

How can you guarantee a lasting common approach and language year after year?

The solution is to initiate change with Champions at the helm from the very beginning and continually enhance their role as advocates for change.

You might wonder why the need for Champions? Isn't it quicker to simply inform everyone of the expected changes?

Champions is a simple idea

The concept of Champions is straightforward. Select a group of influencers from all levels within your organization and task them with envisioning a better way of doing things, whether it's in terms of processes, the work environment, or skill development.

When influencers engage in evaluating the present and designing the future, they naturally generate enthusiasm for change.

All it takes is one day for a handpicked group of Champions to explore fresh perspectives on how things are typically done.

The time it takes to embed change

For Champions, adapting to a new way of behaving often occurs swiftly. They're driven by a sense of importance and responsibility. But what about everyone else, those who aren't Champions?

This is where the typical stages of a change journey come into play: Anger, denial, confusion, and resistance.

This is when the true value of Champions shines through. They demonstrate their commitment, saying, "Follow me, I've been at this for a while, and it's making a positive impact."

As exemplars of a different approach, Champions gradually influence others, one individual at a time. They change their world step by step.

Bringing this to life

Imagine your business has a significant number of employees under 30. Nowadays, the head office often remains half empty, with no requirement to be there every day.

An Employee Survey identified three areas of concern: staff morale, a lack of team spirit, and the adverse impact of poor line management.

Here's a proposed plan to address these issues:

  1. The leadership team should appoint an under-30-year-old to lead an "Even Better If" campaign as the lead Champion. They would also validate Champion nominations.
  2. The key transition Sponsor initiates the "Even Better If" campaign as a transformation led by employees for employees.
  3. Champions come together to brainstorm and deliberate before creating solutions. Light-touch facilitation can be beneficial to spark creativity.
  4. Key suggestions and outcomes are shared and approved by the Sponsor.
  5. Champions actively embrace the new mindset, toolset, and behavioral skillsets they've developed. They should have coach mentors to guide them.
  6. Progress, impact, and lessons learned are shared with everyone. This can involve a formal training program or informal lunch and learn sessions.

Join us on Wednesday, November 15th, as Mark Francis unveils the Champion process and showcases real-life Champion stories to illustrate the transformative potential of Champion-led change.

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