Uspire Discover...the power of personal branding

Impact intended, impact felt

If you had to choose a make and model of car to describe yourself to a stranger, which one would you be? And, more importantly, why?

The finest commercial leaders in the world are made, not born. Just like the automotive industry, successful commercial leaders have invested time and energy curating who they are, what they stand for, AND how they stand out from the competition.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you live and breathe your personal brand every day?
  • Do you regularly invest time thinking about how you impact others?
  • Do you do it consistently, and consciously?
  • Do you know the real impression you leave on others, whether that is face-to- face or online?

Discover the power of personal branding is delivered by Chester Robinson, Uspire's Director of Consulting.

About Chester

With clients across Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Chester helps leaders all over the world connect with their teams.

Chester Robinson, Strategy Development and Implementation

Your key takeaways

  • understand the power of personal branding [impact intended, impact felt]
  • structure your thinking & value proposition
  • reflect on your leadership offering

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