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Uspire Discover...the power of flexing your leadership style

Flex your style and manage change

Understanding your leadership style, and being able to adapt it to connect to others, is fundamental for leaders. Failing to acknowledge this can lead to serious issues with your people.

Flexing your leadership style will start your journey to understanding yourself, understanding others, and making the most of your relationships in the workplace.

Employing the theories of Swiss Psychologist Karl Jung, Uspire use 4 colour descriptors to identify your core personality type:

  • RED for task and results
  • BLUE for data and problem-solving
  • GREEN for people and social
  • YELLOW for ideas and possibility

Amanda Downs talks to senior leaders about real-world examples of how they flex their colour preference to cope with change.

Your key takeaways:

  • discover your personality type and your preferred leadership style
  • learn how to flex your style to improve awareness and influence
  • hear real-world stories of senior leaders flexing their style to suit changing demands

About Amanda

Amanda is Uspire's Director of Commercial Leadership. She is our commercial training and coaching expert, and has worked extensively in Europe, EMEA, US and Asia. Amanda is an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner and also leads our commercial leadership proposition.

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