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Preparing and Pitching for New Business

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Winning new business is vital for all business. How we prepare and present our proposition determines the impact we have on a new customers. This interactive champion lead webinar is designed to share learnings and best practice from across the USPIRE community.

Lead by Chester Robinson, Inconjunction with guest experts:

– Jonathan Plows – Sacla
– Ena Ryan – Progorex
– Michael Hallinan – Tailfish Consulting
– Ian Virnuls – Luvata

Webinar key learnings:
– Hear what it is that buyers really want to see & hear
– Review if the preparation and pitching process differs across Industries
– Compare how you and your team prepare for a great pitch verses others

About Chester Robinson:

Chester runs his own Commercial consultancy business, Inconjunction. Inconjunction helps brand lead, customer centric businesses create focus, deliver growth and implement change. Working across a wide spectrum of consumer companies Chester has lead the development of the commercial agenda from high level strategic planning, to sector and country specific channel plans.

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