Uspire LIVE - Remaining Relevant

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Uspire LIVE 24th April 2024, Manchester

David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresights

In this final provocation, we'll explore the concept of remaining relevant in today's dynamic landscape, both for attracting talent and delivering value to our clients. Maintaining relevance is paramount, as evidenced by the significant number of firms disappearing or undergoing transformations due to the impact of digital disruption on their operations and markets. Nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies have vanished, merged, or ceased trading due to these digital shifts.

However, the ability to reinvent ourselves is a hallmark of successful organizations. At the senior level, our task is to continuously reassess our proposition, reevaluate our core values, and propel ourselves forward in alignment with evolving trends and drivers of success. Driven by the desire for sustained success, we must ensure that our organization's purpose remains relevant in the face of changing circumstances.

Dr.'s observations highlight the importance of staying true to our organizational mission while adapting to current and future needs. A significant portion of organizational failures—60%—can be attributed to strategic missteps, indicating a failure to evolve and remain relevant. This session will focus on evaluating not only our workforce and workplace dynamics but also our organizational strategies, behaviors, and the products and services we offer.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, remaining relevant in an ever-changing world to continue delivering value to all stakeholders involved in our enterprise.

This article is an edited transcript of David's video about the third burst session at Uspire LIVE, 24th April 2024

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