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Uspire LIVE 24th April 2024, Manchester

David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresights

The world of work is changing dramatically, driven by factors like our identity, location, and tasks, with technology playing a significant role in this transformation. In the first burst at Uspire LIVE, we'll explore how technology is shaping work, workers, and workplaces, increasingly impacting our lives.

We're transitioning into the intelligent era, departing from the digital era, characterized by smart, integrated, virtual, highly personalized, and predictive technology. One of the most captivating topics currently is artificial intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI , where technology autonomously determines the best approach to accomplish tasks. While Generative AI might still be a decade or two away, we already have technologies reshaping our activities. Augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and virtual reality (VR) offer new ways for workers, instructors, and leaders to interact creatively.

Connectivity is also evolving. We're progressing from 4G to 5G, with 6G promising speeds up to a thousand times faster and lower latency, already being piloted in South Korea. Additionally, the number of low orbit satellites is set to increase drastically, enhancing communication exponentially by the end of the decade.

Automation is becoming pervasive, from farm machinery to industrial processes, accelerated by advancements in quantum computing and the Quantum Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) further enables quantifying the world, facilitating new products and services. This shift brings about significant personalization and predictability, allowing us to tailor experiences not just for companies and individuals but also to anticipate future events and take proactive measures.

We'll delve into these topics and more in this first session at Uspire LIVE on 24th April 2024.

This article is an edited transcript of David's video about the first burst session at Uspire LIVE

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