CooperVision Case Study

Stimulate dynamic business growth through a cohesive EMEA marketing strategy with shared goals and strategies.
CooperVision, a global leader in contact lenses, invited Uspire to create a learning Academy to help deliver a cohesive marketing strategy for their multi-lingual regional team.
Situation Brief
Task given to Uspire
Action Taken

The business's multi-lingual EMEA marketing team needed to create a cohesive and consolidated marketing strategy that would serve to connect the disparate, multinational teams at the conference.

Uspire were engaged to lead an immersive two-day training session at the annual EMEA marketing conference. The goal was to create shared goals and strategies to enable them dynamic business growth.

It was also critical that the approach would connect the disparate, multinational teams at the conference.

Uspire created an approach that was specifically tailored to the company's needs with a focus on empowerment not just training. We used simple, impactful frameworks that would unite a large group who were working in multiple languages:

Training was delivered in a variety of modes throughout the day – teaching, thinking, working in teams, presenting back. The emphasis was placed on applying the methodologies to real life actions that could later be prioritised and implemented by the business so that there was a tangible return on investment from the session.

We used storytelling to engage the group, provided easy to remember language, and practiced throughout the day to embed the learning faster:



Category & Insight Director appreciated Uspire’s collaborative approach to tailoring the training, saying of the day:

“Training across multiple languages with a large group of people is challenging but Uspire made it look easy with their great pace, time for getting feedback and moving around all the tables to ensure that the level of understanding was good.

We now have a simple language across the organisation – BLUF, ABCD, CEO. This may not mean a lot to some but in our company now we say these and everybody knows what we are saying and why.

Uspire know how to motivate different people in the right way – from cross-referencing ideas, to congratulating presenters on their performance to sharing successes openly with the group, they managed to make people feel special.”

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