Finding Your Content Sweetspot

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

“A blog?”

“I have heard that content such as blogs can generate great results. But I don’t really get it. Why should me or my business do these things? Is it not just a waste of effort”

If you hear yourself thinking this then you need to think a bit deeper about the value of content programs such as blogs, and spend some time finding your content sweetspot.

Yes, content pieces like blogs can achieve great things, and drive interest and deliver messages: but to really make best use of that space and encourage readers to engage, the content must have some purpose and direction.

The best way to encourage this is to create the content programme from a strategic viewpoint. When developing a content programme, the content always needs to refer back to the commercial objectives of your business and your underlying marketing proposition.

And this is where the sweetspot becomes relevant: when creating a content strategy it is important to consider the sweetspot of your business – the area of expertise that your business owns and no-one can make a better claim against.

That sweetspot is then used to create content that soothes the pain the target audience feels on a regular basis; what is troubling them professionally; what are their main challenges. If content is created that resonates with the target audience in this way, then it breaks through and makes the audience lean forward and take notice.

Having identified the sweetspot, it is now important to structure the content creation around a system like the C+ content pyramid. This ensures that all the content retains the strategic focus, maximises the sweetspot and retains relevance. There is obviously a place for reactive content, and that is an important part of the content mix, but using a system to manage content creation is essential to ensure that output is joined up and focused upon communicating the main call to action objectives.

To hear more about the C+ Content System as well as how businesses are a engaging in digital activation, listen to the digital activation webinar.

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