The Future of Leadership

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Uspire asked four exceptional leaders about their advice to leaders for the future. Although the leaders came from different businesses and across a range of sectors they all agreed on the following as critical to the shape of future leaders.


In a world of constant flux and uncertainty, the one thing that can be guaranteed with absolute certainty is change. Change is a constant.

The constantly connected world in which we exist means change events expand at break-neck speed and have far reaching influences: Cambridge Analytica, Cold War 2.0, fake news … rapidly expanding events that can infiltrate business and change consumer sensitivities and habits before anyone has time to react.

Continuous change as the new normal has significant impact on leaders and their ability to navigate uncertainty . So that change can be harnessed and made to work for your business, it is vital that leaders are agile, flexible and open-minded.

Change must be embraced and accepted otherwise a stoic approach to anything new will strangle the opportunity that change presents and leave you disengaged as a leader.


Self-development is also key when preparing for future leadership challenges. Understanding who you are, what you stand for, and your values is essential to shaping your future self.

Defining these areas is critical, and there is immense value in assessing how you can be better. How can you be a better person, a better leader and a better inspiration?

If you can do this well then it is possible to bring people with you on your journey to better leadership.


The courage to try new things can often define a leader. Accepting challenges outside your comfort zone can expose you to new areas of leadership that can help you prepare for the future.

Taking on difficult assignments can help develop your skill set across different areas, enhance your value as a cross-functional leader and shape you as a leader going forward.

The hear to personal leadership journeys of four exceptional leaders listen to the Uspire Lunchtime Webinar: Exceptional Leadership Journeys.

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