Uspire Discover...the power of harnessing stress

10 March, 2022 1:00 pm

The responsibility of running a business or leading a team is stressful, something that can't really be avoided. Constantly processing challenges such as sales, cash, margins, employees, operations etc leads to fatigue and heightened tensions. But thankfully you can harness it.

Restore and increase business and personal productivity in a controlled way by discovering the power of harnessing stress.

Join Mark Francis and the Uspire team at 13.00 GMT on Thursday 10th March for this free seminar and discover how you can harness stress for the benefit of your business and team.

Who is it for?

  • Managers & Executives - use the power of harnessing stress to elevate your own productivity and presence and lead your teams with renewed vigour and energy.
  • Business Owners - harness your stress and that of your people to drive your business forward
  • Learning & Development leaders - understand how harnessing stress can manage the energy levels and objectivity of your people

What you get

A free 75-min highly engaging and interactive virtual seminar that introduces the power of harnessing stress to deliver high-performance.

Join Mark for this hugely valuable session and:

  • discover practical coping strategies for you and your team
  • learn how to manage your energy levels
  • understand how to control your objectivity when stressed

About Mark Francis

Uspire Discover...the power of harnessing stress will be delivered by Uspire's Mark Francis. Mark is a founding partner of Uspire and as our Director of Organisational Learning he leads the Commercial Academies for Uspire's core client's. Mark brings relentless enthusiasm to learning design and delivery.


13.00 - Connect & welcome to Uspire & the Uspire network - Amanda Downs/Colin Wright

13.05 - Why? Kahlers 5 Drivers - Mark Francis

13.25 - What? 4 Chemical Reactions - Mark Francis

13.45 - How to? Pick 1 colour-coded response

14.10 - What to do next - Amanda Downs/Colin Wright

14.15 - Close

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